"The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things." (Proverbs 15:28)

Study to Answer.Net
A Resource for a Reasoned, Respectful, and Ready Defence of the Christian Faith

Welcome to Study to Answer.Net, a resource dedicated to providing a reasoned, respectful, and ready defence of the orthodox, Bible-based Christian faith!

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There are many, many worldviews and belief systems out there, each vying for the hearts and minds of individuals just like you and I. Many of these are outside the realm of Christianity proper, but many also arise from within the faith, seeking to draw away souls to their own doctrines and errors. The Law of Non-Contradiction declares that no two propositions which are mutually contradictory to each other may both be true at the same time. Further, whereas both cannot be true at the same time, both may be contemporaneously false. Bible-based Christianity is fundamentally at odds with every other religious system, every other philosophical school, every other social construction in this world.

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate, from God's Word, from fact, and from true reason, why the orthodox and fundamental Christian faith, based as it is historically upon the foundation of the Bible, is the correct belief system. The purpose is two fold, both polemic and apologetic. The polemic aspect deals with the drawing of distinction between Christianity and other worldviews, and systematically demonstrating the truth of Christianity's claims over those of other systems. This deals with the main proposition of the Law of Non-Contradiction. The apologetic aspect deals with providing Scriptural, factual, and reasonable evidences for the Christian faith and doctrine, answering why Christianity, instead of its detractors, holds the truth. This deals with the logical caveat in the Law of Non-Contradiction whereby neither of two opposite beliefs may be correct. The apologetic works to demonstrate objectively the truth of the body of Christianity's claims.

Above it was stated that the purpose of this resource is to provide a reasoned, respectful, and ready defence of Bible Christianity. Let me now explain this statement in greater depth.

Reasoned - The use of evidence, fact, and reasoned argumentation must be the means by which any point of contention or inquiry must be settled. This resource will endeavour to demonstrate the truth of Christian doctrine and faith through the right application of Holy Scripture, first and foremost. Scripture must be interpreted in the context of the entirety of God's Word, not just in selective prooftexts designed to bolster a certain viewpoint (a methodology employed both by Christian and pseudo-Christian groups and by non- and anti-Christians). The use of factual and argumentative information concerning the social, historical, textual, and geographical context can greatly aid the understanding of difficult passages and ideas. This site will not be afraid to utilise the fruits of scholarship in the defence of the faith, but will defer from putting these over and above the Word of God. (Proverbs 4:5)

Respectful - It is not the intention of this website to deliberately antagonise opponents and disbelievers in fundamental Christianity through the employment of "shock" tactics or personal attacks. I realise that the truth itself will be an offence to many who have chosen to evade it (II Timothy 4:3). However, the servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle when instructing those who oppose themselves (II Timothy 2:24-26, see also Titus 3:2). Unfortunately, there are many apologetic websites, even Christian websites, which utilise tactics such as ad hominem attacks, name-calling, undue sarcasm, etc. as part of their presentation. This does nothing but turn off would-be readers, and it blunts the blade of the Sword of the Spirit.

Ready - The Word of God commands Christian believers to be ready always to give an answer to every one who would ask us the reason for the hope that is within us (I Peter 3:15). It is the intention of this resource to encompass as much subject matter and as many topical areas as possible, in dealing with the challenges to and defences of the Christian faith. This site, Lord willing, will eventually grow into a "Renaissance" site, one in which multiple disciplines and topics are discussed, answered, and challenged. Thus, this site will be ever-growing.

Most importantly of all, Study to Answer.Net intends to honour and glorify God (I Corinthians 10:31) through obediently teaching, preaching, and defending His Word and the truth which is therein contained. It is my desire to present the information contained on this page in such a manner as to be accessible to the average reader of whatever persuasion, yet also in a way which will provide a scholarly and informed treatment of the issues under discussion.

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